Have you ever seen a live bed bug in real life? Most people haven’t. In fact, most people do not even consider these to be pests until they are waking up in the morning with weird bite marks on their skin. If you want to know how to identify bed bug bites and you have the question: what do bed bugs look like? Here are some things to consider today and how to protect your Oklahoma City home against these invasive pests.

a bed bug inside of a home

How To Identify Bed Bug Bites

Before we talk about how to identify bed bug bites, we think it is important that you know this fact. Not everyone shows visible symptoms after being bitten by these pests. If you suspect your home has a bed bug infestation, make sure everyone you are living with checks themselves for bites. That said, bed bug bites appear on the skin in a straight line or zig-zag pattern, if only one bug is biting. If several bugs are biting, the bites can look like a rash. These pests are most likely to bite people on their hands, neck, face, shoulders, legs, arms, and other body parts that are most accessible while an individual is sleeping. 

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

Bed bugs are not the easiest pests to spot. When you are awake, they hide deep in the recesses of your home. If you are fortunate enough to spot one of these pests early, identify it by its reddish-brown, ¼” long, seed-shaped body. After feeding, a bed bug becomes engorged, grows to be up to five-time larger, and takes on a bright red color to its abdomen.

How Often Do Bed Bugs Feed?

Young bed bugs have to feed semi-regularly and need one blood meal between each of their stages of development. Adults need to feed less often but will accept a blood meal as regularly as once a day. That said, in optimal conditions, an adult bed bug can survive up to 400 days without a meal. This often makes eliminating infestations of these pests difficult as all they need to do is hide until the danger subsides.

Signs Bed Bugs Leave Behind

You cannot rely on bites and live bed bugs to identify these pests inside your home. You should know what signs these pests leave behind. First, you should know that after bed bugs feed, they often dribble blood onto sleeping areas. Second, bed bugs leave their reddish-black excrement around sleeping areas and near places where they hide, like behind outlets, in furniture, and inside cracks, crevices, and other hard-to-reach areas. Finally, bed bugs lay eggs and shed their skins in areas they hide. You are most likely to find these signs in cracks and tight spaces around your home, not just in bedrooms.

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Are bed bugs fast? No. Are they good at hitching rides and finding their way into area homes? Absolutely. Because family members and friends can carry these pests into your home, it is sometimes impossible to keep them outside. If you suspect bed bugs have found their way into your living areas, let the experts at Pestmaster® Services come out and take a look. We will inspect your home for these invasive blood-feeding pests, identify a problem if there is one, and suggest to you some effective bed bug control solutions that will eliminate these pests fast. All of these services are performed by our team of highly-trained and friendly technicians and custom fit to your Oklahoma City home.

Contact us now if you have any questions about our bed bug control techniques and schedule your Oklahoma City property for an inspection.

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